Barbara Pastore




A timeless atmosphere, a background that turns to an absolute gray, geometric poses and intense net lights. These are the elements that characterize the images of the new 2013/2014 fall/winter campaign of Tata Italia. Elegant colors alternating with rigorous black and white scenes, framing the models Daria Popova and Jonathan Nielssen. The shooting is signed by Joseph Cardo.

Timeless_Joseph_Cardo_Post_02 Timeless_Joseph_Cardo_Post_03 Timeless_Joseph_Cardo_Post_04_ Timeless_Joseph_Cardo_Post_05 Timeless_Joseph_Cardo_Post_06 Timeless_Joseph_Cardo_Post_07 Timeless_Joseph_Cardo_Post_08 Timeless_Joseph_Cardo_Post_09 Timeless_Joseph_Cardo_Post_10 Timeless_Joseph_Cardo_Post_11 Timeless_Joseph_Cardo_Post_12 Timeless_Joseph_Cardo_Post_13Tata_Italia_Campaign_UomoVogue_Magazine_Post_15 Tata_Italia_Campaign_Vogue_Magazine_Post_14Timeless_Joseph_Cardo_Sommario



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